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Massey’s Bail Bonds; Local Bondman is directly across the street from the Davis County jail. When working with Massey’s Bail Agent in Farmington, Utah, you are going to experience a level of dependable service.
Finding out your loved one is in jail is never an easy thing to find out. However; working with a professional Agency will allow for a complete understanding of the Bonding process & a smooth and painless release from jail. In the State of Utah, the Bail rates are regulated through the Dept. of Insurance at 10% – 20% of the total Bail. Massey’s guarantees never to charge more than the 10% minimum, regardless of your financial situation. Call Utah’s most trusted Bail company now for a free quote!

Local Bail Bondsman Farmington, UT

Local Bondsman Kambrey JohnsonWhen hiring a Local Bondsman, the first thing you want to know is if they are actually in Farmington, Utah. Local will matter when it comes to the fee you are quoted to buy the Bond. No one wants to overpay to Bail there loved ones out of jail which is why calling Massey’s Bail Bonds will be the most affordable option to getting your loved one out of jail NOW! Need to know the Bail information about why your loved one’s incarceration? Call now, and Our Bail Agent will get you the Bail information immediately!

Davis County Jail

The Farmington County Jail is located just off I-15 on the W. Side across from the amusement park. The average time of release is 30 minutes once posting the Bond. Massey’s Bail Bondsman knows the jails shift changes, meal times & inmate count times. What this means to you is once the Bond is approved will indicate to you the best time to meet us so that you aren’t waiting for hours at the jail for your loved one to be released. Don’t wait another minute call now and get started on Bailing out your loved one!

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