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A Utah Bail Bond Company opened with one main agenda. To help people reconnect with their loved ones and families after being incarcerated. Massey’s strongly agrees in due process. We believe everyone should have a right to plead their case. What has allowed Massey’s to continue their drive, is the opportunity of putting our clients’ needs above our financial earnings. We do this by not bailing out inmates accused of heinous crimes against woman and children, Providing free Bail information and a free quote within minutes of calling us. & and being resourceful to our clients. At no additional cost.  When Massey’s says we want to earn your business, we use the authority we have with the jails and courts to do it!



Our industry is under tremendous threat nationally, as many law makers feel that bail is not a fair system. We recognize that not everyone can afford bail, but there is nothing in place to help keep it affordable to all. In the state of Utah, a Utah Bail Bond Company can charge between 10%-20%. It is solely based on an individual approval. Therefore, Massey’s guarantees to only charge the minimum 10% fee. How do we do this you ask? Simple. If we can’t approve you for the minimum fee, whatever percent of the premium charged over the minimum 10% fee, we place into a trust account. It is then returned to our clients when the case is over. When you hire Massey’s, you will be provided the most affordable option to get your loved one out of jail!



Many agencies in Utah claim to be statewide and operate in each county. However, when you call them, one of two things happen: 1) the bondsman are unwilling to sell you the bond because the bail is too small or 2) they will provide the Bond but charge you an additional hidden fee to cover the cost of travel to that county. Massey’s only sells bonds in the counties where we employ local, professional agents. This allows us to get our clients the bail information they need, in minutes. It is also why our fees are inexpensive. Our professional Utah Bail Bond Agents are familiar with each county jail, local courts, criminal attorneys and treatments centers. Our agents are excellent resources to our clients. In addition, Massey’s provides continuous training to keep our bondsman proficient and up to date.



Massey’s knows the jails’ shift change, inmate count times, meal times, as well as having access to a direct phone number. This guarantees that when you meet our Bail Bondsman at the county correctional facility, it’s going to be the most efficient use of your time. Other than the Salt Lake County Jail, the average release time is 30 minutes once the bond has been posted.  Our agents know the specific jails booking and bonding process, so our agents can immediately posts the bond once arriving at the jail. While the jail is entering in the bond and completing their paperwork for the release, our Utah Bail Bond agents are going over the application, answering any questions, and providing any professional resources you may need. This approach guarantees you the fastest jail release! Don’t wait!  Call Massey’s Bail Bonds and let us show you how we earn your business.


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