Utah Bail Bonds Company

Massey’s Bail Bonds has been doing business in Utah for over fifteen years. A locally owned company that provides Hassle-Free Bail information within minutes of calling. Our business model is client-based, which means our resources from explaining the Bonding process, providing our years of experience with the Judicial system & answering questions (Check our our FAQ’s page) to referring professional Criminal attorneys specific to your loved ones’ case and in the county their charges are out of are at your disposal. Massey’s even provides dedicated web pages for treatment centers. Whether it’s for Mental Wellness, Alcoholism, or Narcotics, feel confident knowing that Massey’s is here to help you through this process step-by-step. Call today to get started; we guarantee the most cost-effective solution to posting bail.

Professional Utah bail bonds AgentsĀ 

When you find out your loved one is incarcerated, & planning on posting Bond, it’s vital to work with a local company in the county where your loved one is jailed. Massey’s never wants to cost our clients more than ten percent. We provide full transparency on where we have Bail Bondsmen so our clients never have to incur additional travel expenses. Call Massey’s now, and our Bail Agent will immediately assist you!

Buying a Bail Bond

When you buy a Bond from Massey’s Bail Bonds, you can rest assured that your loved one will be out of Jail throughout their entire due process! That’s a guarantee you will get when doing business with us. Regardless of our client’s financial situation, you can count on the same minimum fee! Our clients are never penalized for their financial status, nor does Massey’s allow that to be a determining factor when offering our help! Know that Massey’s cares about helping friends and families during this difficult time. We are in no way here to judge the situation but instead offer a solution that’s as smooth and painless as possible. Call today and let us get help!

County jails throughout the state of Utah

Massey’s Bail Bonds Utah agents have years of experience with county jails throughout the State of Utah. The agent knows their shift changes, meal times, count times, and when the correctional facilities are on lockdown. We know the jails’ release process & the time it takes for this to occur. Once approved for a Bond, we will tell you the best time to meet us at the correctional facility, having this information guarantees a smooth and painless immediate release. It means you will never sit for hours at the jail waiting for your loved one. Call now to find out the best approach to getting your loved one FAST!

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