Bond vs Bail

Bond vs Bail: Bond and bail are legal terms related to the release of an accused person from custody pending trial. Both operate under different principles within the legal system.

What is the difference between Bond & Bail?

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Bail refers to the temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial. Typically secured by the payment of money or a bond. The purpose of bail is to ensure that the accused will appear in court for their trial and not flee the jurisdiction. Bail is set by a judge at a bail hearing. The amount of bail can vary widely depending on various factors. Severity of the crime, criminal history, & ties to the community

Is a Bond my best option?

A bond is a financial guarantee or promise, often provided by a third party called a bondsman or bail bonds agent, to pay the bail amount if the accused fails to appear in court. When a bond is used, the accused or their family pays a 10% fee of the total bail amount to the bondsman, who then posts the full bail with the court. The bondsman assumes responsibility for ensuring the accused appearance in court and may take collateral from the accused or their family to secure the Bond.

Unlike bail, where the money is returned if the daccused fulfills their obligations, the fee paid to the bondsman (10% of the bail amount) is non-refundable. If the accused fails to appear, the bondsman may hire a bail enforcement agent to locate and return the accused to court or pay the full bail amount to the court.

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Bond vs Bail, which is the best option? While both Bond and Bail involve securing the release of a accused pending trial. A bond is a guarantee provided by a bondsman to ensure payment of bail if the accused fails to appear. Each serves a crucial role in the legal process, ensuring the accused can await trial outside of custody while upholding their responsibility to appear in court. For more information contact Massey’s Bail Bonds in Beaver, Utah today!

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