Beaver City Utah Treatment Centers
Beaver City Utah Treatment Centers


LDS 12 Step Program

Mental Health

Southwest Health
Stay N Clean Group
75 W. 1175 N.
Beaver, UT 84713
Thursdays @ 6pm

Massey’s Bail Bonds knows that many of our clients are struggling with substance abuse. We also understand that mental health can vary based on your environment. Its why we have provided a list of NA, AA & Mental Health locations. So that your loved one can get the help needed for little to no cost. Massey wants our clients to know they are not alone. We show our clients this by connecting them with others that are having similar struggles in their lives & are seeking help. Just click on the links and find a meeting time that works with your loved one’s schedule and have them attend.

In some cases having your loved one attend a meeting or get the mental health they need can favor them in court if they are found guilty. Merely showing the judge they have taken the initiative on there own to get the help they need could influence the judge’s decision on the punishment handed down after the guilty verdict. Massey’s Bail Bonds hope is that providing the list of Beaver Utah Treatment Centers will allow your loved one to have access to get immediate help. For any Bail, information contact Massey’s Bail Bonds Directly