Utah Bail Bond Laws

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Utah bail bond laws protect your rights

Utah Bail Bond Laws

The Utah Bail Bond Act is a set of laws that govern the bonding industry. Utah is a Right to Bail state An accused person may be released on bail unless the he/she/they (a) committed a capital crime, (b) committed a felony while on probation, parole, or while free on bail, or (c) committed a felony when there is substantial evidence to support that the person would constitute a substantial danger to any other person or to the community, or is likely to flee the jurisdiction of the cour.

A bond shall be exonerated if charges are not filed after 120 days bail is posted. If the accused fails to appear the courts will begin forfeiture of the bail. Furthermore, the bail bond company shall be given time for bringing the defendant to court.

A Utah bail bond company may surrender without cause the defendant. A motion to release maybe filed for entry of nonappearance with the judicial court.  Sureties may at any time prior to a defendant’s failure to appear surrender the defendant and obtain exoneration of bail. Collateral may be provided to secure bail bond fees, the face amount of the bail bond issued, or both. A disclosure form provides the terms and conditions of the bond. Standard fees regulate Utah bail bond agency’s charges.

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