How to get a Bail Bond in Utah

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Beaver City, Utah


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Salt Lake City, Utah


Heber City, Utah


Park City, Utah 


Panguitch City, Utah 


With over a decade of experience in the Bail Bonds business, Massey’s continuously gets calls wanting to know to get more information on how the Bonding process works! When you contact one of Massey’s local expert Bail Bond Agents throughout the State of Utah, they will answer this question within minutes of calling. The professional Bail Agent will imminently contact the county jail; provide you all the bail info; answer all your questions, & offer you a free quote within minutes of calling. We do this at no charge to you. Also, if applicable, we will get you court dates, case info, & provide professional referrals that can help with your loved one’s particular case. Massey’s Bail Bonds understand that bad things happen to good people & that the innocent go to jail daily.

A professional Bail agency isn’t here to determine someone’s guilt or innocents but rather provide immediate relief from incarceration. Knowing that when you call Massey’s, you will be in a judgmental environment working with a friendly, understanding Bail agent that will walk you through the process step by step. Getting our clients approved takes no more than 15 minutes on average, and you will be given approval and a quote that will never change. Massey’s can accept everyone! So you can rest assured that our best efforts are to keep that reputation by working with your specific situation. When you want to know how to get a Bail Bond, there is no better place to call then Massey’s!

How to get a Bail Bond in a Utah State Jail