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Massey’s Bail Bonds provides a inmate search tool for the county jails throughout the state that provide online arrest information. This tool allows people to look up those incarcerated without having to call the jail. Many of the county jails will not release inmate information due to HIPAA laws, not to mention that it can be embarrassing to have to call. In most cases, the information provided is the inmate’s full name, current charges, judicial court, and case number.

Current inmate search rosters gives you the freedom to search for your loved ones on your own time and without calling in person. The record will stay available until the inmate has been released.

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If you find out your loved one is incarcerated in a facility that does not offer an inmate search tool you can do 1 of 2 things. First, Contact the jail to see what – if any information the correctional facility will provide. The second option is to contact a professional Bail Bond Company.

Massey’s Bail Bonds will get you the bail amount, charges, judicial court name and phone number, and the case number. Massey certainly supports and sees the benefits of an inmate search tool, but unfortunately the jails have the discretion of whether that is available or not. Because of this, Massey’s understands it’s frustrating looking for help. Massey’s is a professional company that assures you that we will provide this information within minutes of you calling us and at NO cost to you! Call a bail bond company you can depend on in your time of need! Earning your trust is our first and most important responsibility.

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