Searching for a Bail Bonds Near Me?

If you’re looking for bail bonds near me, search online or check local directories for a Bail Bond Agency. You can also ask for recommendations from: friends, family, or legal professionals.

What to expect when hiring a Bail Bonds Near Me?

Bail Bonds Near Me
  1. Contact the Bail Bonds Service: Reach out to a bail bond company, either through their website, phone, or online form.
  2. Provide Information: You’ll need to provide details about the person in custody, including their full name, date of birth, & the jail they are in.
  3. Complete Paperwork: The bail bonds company will have you fill out a bail bond application.
  4. Pay the Fee: You’ll need to pay a fee to post bond, typically ten percent of the total bail amount set by the court. This fee is non-refundable.
  5. Wait for Release: Once the paperwork is processed and the fees paid, the bail bondsman will post bail for the person in custody to be released from jail.
  6. Follow-up:┬áIt’s important to stay in touch with the bail bond agency and ensure that the person released from jail attends all court hearings.

Davis County Jail, Bountiful City, Utah

Massey’s Bail Bonds has been serving Bountiful, Utah, for over 15 + years. When you contact us, our professional local bail bondsman will provide you with the details of the bond information, go over the bail bond process, answer any questions you have, & offer a free quote. If you decide posting bail is the best alternative to release, we can complete the application in person or digitally over the phone so you can sign it from any device with just a finger. In Utah, the minimum a Bail Bond agency can charge is 10%, and the max is 20%. When searching for Bail Bonds near me, choose Massey’s Bail Bonds for a guaranteed 10% fee regardless of the situation. Call Bountiful Utah’s Most Trusted Bail Bond company today to get started!

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