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Having a friend or family member get arrested is not a circumstance your faced with everyday. However, there are many Layton Utah bonding companies located throughout the State. Only one is “Utah’s Most Trusted”—Massey’s Bail Bonds! In fact, when choosing a Bail Bond Company to represent you; it’s important to find one that discloses their fees upfront. Massey’s has the experience and knowledge to get you the information you need, within minutes of calling.  Massey’s discloses all information upfront and has been in business for over a decade. We are here to provide excellent service, at a great value to you. Give us a call and let us start working for you.

Bail Bondsman Layton, UT

Cary Breeze is a resourceful, professional bail agent in the Layton, Utah, area. He will provide you with the service you deserve. An expert in his field who truly wants to help get your loved one home. Cary is experienced, knowledgeable, friendly: & discreet; He is available to answer any question you may have, no matter how trivial you may think they are. Give Cary a call, and let him be earn your business, and get your loved one home, today!

Davis County Jail

When arrested, an officer will set bail, in most cases off the Utah Bail Schedule. An on call  judge will review the officers recommendation. The judge will either agree or change the bail amount. A bail amount is granted, bonds can be purchased for a small 10% fee, from a Layton, Utah Bail Bond Company. A bond guarantees the freedom from jail, pending a trial. Once we have approved the Bond, Massey’s will immediately begin the bonding process with the Davis County Jail. Will have your loved one home, immediately. Give us a call today for immediate, & free bail information.

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