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If you are looking for a Bondsman in Logan, Utah, that can get your loved one out of the Cache County jail within 1 hour, Massey’s Bail Bonds should be your first call. From the moment you call us, we will immediately provide you with the bail information (charges, amounts, courts) free of charge. Calling the jail yourself to get this information can be an uphill battle. Once we have the information will text the bail information to you. Massey’s Bondsman will call you back, go over the bonding process, answer any questions, & help you decide if bonding out your loved one is the right choice. Will provide you with professional resources as needed. Call or click the number above to get started!

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Bondsman Kent Stephens in Logan, Utah

Massey’s is a Logan, Utah, Bail Bond company with the fastest approval process. If bailing your loved one out of jail is what you want to do, Massey’s will contact our Bondsman in Cache County, Utah, who will contact you to complete the application. In most cases, our clients choose to complete the Utah bail bond application over the phone. However, if you prefer to meet at the jail, the agent can arrange that. Upon completion of the application, the bondsman will go over the terms and conditions of the bond. The agent will post the bond to have your loved one released the same day. Call a Bondsman now to get your loved one out immediately.

Cache County Jail, Logan, Utah

The Cache County Jail is located off Hwy 30 on the northwest side of town in Logan, Utah. If your loved one had the misfortune of being arrested, it’s vital to know this is a secured facility and will require an appointment to visit an inmate. If your loved one chooses to make calls, there is a list of Bondsman beside the free payphone in the booking facility, which allows inmates to make calls. Call Massey’s – A Logan, Utah bail bond company that offers the best rates and immediate release!

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