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Are you working with an Affordable Bail Bond company in Smithfield, Utah? Does the agency have a local Bondsman? Does the Bondsman know the jail’s schedules & bonding process? Is the correctional facility familiar with the Bondsman?
Massey’s Bail Bonds offers the most Affordable Bail Bond. We never charge hidden fees or surprise you with additional fees. The price we quote you is the exact amount you will pay. When you call Massey’s, we immediately get you the Bail information and provide you the option to buy the Bond. No matter your financial situation, you are guaranteed to pay the same cost. For additional information, contact Massey’s Bail Bonds directly.

Affordable Bail Bond Service in    Smithfield, UT

Affordable Bail Bond service provided by Kent StephensWhen you work with an agency that has a local Bondsman to post bail at the Cache Co. Jail, it means you are not going to pay a higher amount. Many agencies that will charge you the premium to post the Bond then include in it there travel fee. Massey doesn’t do this because we have a Bondsman in Cache County, Utah. Our agent knows the jails schedule so that you never go to the jail to get your loved one out during shift change, meal times, & count times, which would add additional time for your loved one to be released. Our Bondsman has been posting Bonds at the Cache County jail for several years; this means the jail is familiar with our documents, & the agent knows the correctional facilities bonding process.

Cache County Jail

The Cache County Jail is located South East of Smithfield, Utah, just off Hwy 30. Massey’s Bail Bondsman is 5 minutes from the correctional facility. From the time the Bond’s posted to your loved one being released in less than 30 minutes on average. We understand this is a difficult time and want to provide you and your family an Affordable Bail Bond option.
We look forward to the opportunity to help.

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