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When you find out that your loved one is in jail in Smithfield, Utah. Weather; you hear this from your loved one calling you from jail, a family member, or the news. Your first thought is the cost to get them out of jail. Massey’s is the most Affordable Bail Bond Company in Cache County, Utah. Massey’s has over a decade of experience. This means; you are going to be provided all the Bail information within minutes of calling; will explain the Utah Bonding process; & answer any question you have. We will put you in direct contact with local criminal attorneys. If your loved one is struggling with mental illness, drug, or alcohol addiction will refer you to treatment centers that can help for little or no cost. This is afforded to you regardless if you buy a bond from us or not. Don’t wait another minute call Massey’s NOW!

Bail Bondsman Smithfield, UT

Todd McDonald; that’s the name of our local Bail Bondsman in Smithfield, Utah. Mr. McDonald is a professional who is trained every quarter on new laws, customer service, & any changes on the jails bonding process. The availability of a Bondsman is never more important than when you find out your loved one is in jail. Fortunately; Mr. McDonald is minutes from the jail; lives in Cache Valley; & works daily with the Cache County Jail.   When you call Massey’s we have you approved quickly. So; once approved Mr. McDonald will schedule a time to meet you at the jail & get your loved one out. We’re her for you. Therefore; we’re looking forward to offering you an affordable Bail Bond to get your loved one out of jail now!

Cache County Jail

Don’t rush over to the Cache County Jail! Once you find out that your loved one has been incarcerated. The County Jail will not allow you to speak with your loved one. Instead; call Massey’s Bail Bonds. Working with the jail daily, will get you all the information you need immediately! Massey’s gives you options to get your loved one released. In fact; we refer criminal attorney; advice to await their court date, or to buy an Affordable Bail Bond. This is a secured facility and it is protected by the correctional officers, jail staff, & sheriff’s officers who are employed there. You’re loved one will be provided 3 meals a day. Hygiene products. Showers; & a bed. For any further information please don’t hesitate to call us directly!

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