Substance Abuse Treatment in Beaver, Utah

Substance Abuse help is just a click away!

Substance Abuse Treatment Beaver, Utah



LDS 12 Step Program

Licensed Mental Health Professional

Southwest Mental Health
Stay N Clean Group
75 W. 1175 N.
Beaver, UT 84713
Thursdays @ 6pm

Getting Substance Abuse Help! 

Need substance abuse treatment in Beaver, Utah? Whether you are looking for help with alcohol, drugs, or your mental health, first and foremost it’s important to know that YOU matter. Take the first step and click on one of the links to find a meeting; Know that you are not alone. Become part of a group despite your background – that is going through the same struggles as yourself.

          If you are trying to find help for a loved one or your loved one is incarcerated and getting help would show favor in court it’s always encouraged to try treatment. Taking the first step can be hard; seeing no end, feeling alone. These are all very natural feelings when lost in addiction. The first step is wanting to get help, accepting you are addicted. If you are at this point then know there are support groups to help you one day at a time.

Massey’s Bail Bonds encourages you to take the first step today!