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Finding out your loved one is in jail is never easy. In fact Massey’s Bail Bonds is here to get you through it.  So, before rushing over to the jail, we encourage you to remember the phrase “The more information you have, the less likely you are to fail.” The first step is to find a Professional Bail Bond Company is to look at the companies reviews. Ensure the Bonding company is in good standing by checking with the Department of Insurance. Thoroughly review the companies website.  Once decided; your second step is to call the Bonding Company. When you call Massey’s, you will speak directly with the owner. He will get you all the needed bail information; furthermore(case number, bail amounts, charges, and the court the charges are out of). He will immediately text this information to you; call you back to go over & explain any of the charges you may not understand. In addition, the owner will properly explain the bonding process; answer all your questions; and provide you a free quote. Massey’s will provide this within 5 minutes of calling & at no cost to you! So, If you like our reviews and are ready to move forward with the process, don’t wait! Call Massey’s Bail Bonds NOW!

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Now that you have decided to move forward with buying a Bond; the owner will reach out to our professional Bail Bond Agent Cary Breeze in Salt Lake County. Cary will contact you directly to complete an application then DocuSign it to you. In Fact, you can then sign it on a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC—Yes! Very convenient. With buying a bond being the most cost effective way to getting your loved one out of jail, don’t wait another minute to get this done today!

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The final step is getting your loved one out of jail and back home! (Possibly a hot normal meal before). The Salt Lake County jail is the biggest county jail in the state and it takes anywhere from 1-12 hrs to get them released, depending on where they are in the jail. Don’t stress!  However, you are working with a professional Bail Bond Company and we are experienced on how to resolve this. Matter of fact with our relationship over the years, we have come to see how inconvenient it is for our clients to meet our Bail agent at the jail. In the past, the family would either leave or wait for hours for their loved one to be released. So, Massey’s got with the lieutenant over the jail, and suggested allowing the Bondsman to email the bonds. With this option now available and our clients able to sign the applications by DocuSign, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. We will simply provide the jail the bond and instructions on who your loved one should call upon release! Give Massey’s the chance to earn your business, Call Utah’s most Trusted Bail Bonds NOW!!  

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