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When hiring a Professional Bail Bond Company, it’s vital that you look for professionals. Massey’s Bail Bonds have a 96% approval rating in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our Bondsmen are trained once a week; for six months when hired. Massey’s opened its doors in March of 2007; we have helped thousands of people, & reconnected families in challenging situations. Massey’s Bail Bonds have built strong ties over the years with confident, discreet, aggressive, Utah Criminal Attorney’s. Knowing several of our clients’ struggles with addictions, we have personally located Utah Treatment Centers in each county we do business and make it available on our website. Call Massey’s Bail Bonds today; we look forward to hearing from you!

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Our professional Bail Bond agent Joshua Massey has been running the company from the beginning. He has served on the Utah Bail Enforcement Association, & The Utah Bail Bond Oversight Board. Having the success of exonerating several cases through filing motions with the courts; he has learned the Utah Bail Bond Act. This knowledge is shared with every client as we believe the more information you have, the less likely you are to fail. Joshua Massey will call the jail, text/email you the bail information, explain the Bonding process, & provide you a free quote when you call. Don’t wait another minute call Massey’s Bail Bonds and speak with Joshua Massey NOW!

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In addition; When your loved one arrives at the Salt Lake County Jail, the booking process on average takes about 45 minutes. Once booked their given access to make free phone calls. A list of Professional Bail Bond Companies is displayed. Your loved one has free access to make local calls within the State of Utah. If they are unable to post Bail after several hours there transferred to a cell with a bed where they remain pending their trial. If Bailed while your loved one is in booking; releasing will take 1-4 hrs. If they have the misfortune of being put into a cell, the release time is 1 – 12 hrs. Salt Lake County Jail is the biggest county jail in the State serving a County population of 3 + million residence. If you decide Bailing out your loved one is the right choice, call us directly to get started!

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