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Need a Bail Bonding Company to get your friend or family member out of the county jail in BigWater, Utah? Massey’s Bail Bonds has served the Kane County jail for over 15 years. The minute you call, expect immediate bail information and a free quote! Feel confident in knowing we are here for you in a difficult time to answer any questions you have & walk you through the bail bond process. Massey’s Bail Bonds charge the State 10% minimum fee regardless if the accused resides in Utah. Call Utah’s Most Trusted today for immediate, dependable, courteous service!

BigWater, Utah Bail Bonding Company

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Working with a Bail Bonding Company with a local Bail agent will not only save you time (not having to wait at the jail for an agent to arrive.) It will also save you expenses to cover the cost of a bail bondsman driving to the Kane County Jail. Massey’s Bondsman is a kind, friendly local embedded into the community with over a decade of experience posting bail. The agent schedules a time to meet you at the correctional facility when the jail is not going through shift change, meal time, or inmate count. Don’t wait another minute! Call Massey’s Bail Bonds now to get the information you need promptly!

Kane County Jail, Kanab, Utah

When arrested in BigWater, Utah, The officer will transport the accused to Kanab, Utah, and book the individual into the Kane County Jail. Upon arriving a search of the person will be conducted before being permitted to enter the booking facility. In the booking facility, a Bail Bonding Company list is posted on paper by the phones. Before the accused can post bail, the arresting officer must complete a probable cause statement – listing the cause for arrest and the charges. The Probable Cause(PC) statement provided to the correctional officers will be emailed to an on-call judge to address bail within 24 hours. If Bails granted, call Massey’s for the best price quote guarantee!

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