Choosing the Right Bonding Company in Logan, Utah

When choosing the right Bonding Company it’s important that you weight your options to determine if buying a bond is the right decision. Massey’s Bail Bonds will get you all the Bail information & criminal history to provide you our professional opinion on whether it’s the best choice to buy a bond or not. The purpose of the bond is to guarantee your loved one remains out of jail until there found guilty, not guilty, or their case is dismissed. In the State of Utah the minimum fee to buy a bond is 10% & the maximum fee is 20% of the bail. Massey’s Bail Bonds guarantee’s the minimum fee. We do not charge hidden fees. Will disclose our fees on our contract so you know you are never paying excessive fees. Massey’s stands behind our bonds so you only pay a 1 time fee; Call now and see if buying a bond is right for you. We will get you the information you need and offer a free quote within minutes!

Bail Bondsman Logan, UT

Knowing the Utah Bonding Company your hiring has a local agent in Logan, will save you time & money. Our Bondsman Todd McDonald is less than 1 mile from the county jail. This means once Massey’s approves the bond our bail agent can meet you to get your loved one released within 5 minutes. It also means the agency isn’t going to charge you a higher fee because the agent has to travel far to the jail. In addition; Our Bondsman is experienced in the bonding process. He understands bad things happens to good people; He works closely on a daily basis with families that are going through very difficult times & will provide a level of service that will exceed your expectations. Call Massey’s Bail Bonds now to get your loved one released today!

Cache County Jail

When finding out your loved one is in jail your first thought is to contact the county jail. Unfortunately due to the Cache County Jails security of their inmates the jail is unwilling to disclose all the bail information. Instead the jail will direct you to contact a Utah Bonding company. Massey’s is a licensed bonding agency and is approved to write bail in the Cache County Jail. Our Bondsman is familiar with the booking and releasing process as well as the shift changes, meal, & count times. This guarantees that when the agent schedules a time to meet with you at the jail; the release time would be 20 minutes or less. Know the releasing process the agent knows to post the bond before meeting with your loved one. The Jail will process the bond while the agent is completing the application with the accused. When you decide to hire Massey’s Bail Bonds you will work directly with a local company, an experienced bondsman within minutes from the jail, & a professional, friendly agent who will make this process seamless. Don’t wait another minute call Utah’s most Trusted Bail Bond Company now!

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