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When it comes to getting your loved one out of jail, nothing matters more in this moment than getting in touch with the right bondsman. Massey’s Bail Bonds immediately provides you all the bail information and offers you a free quote. Our best price guarantee means you will never pay excessive fees or high premiums. Our 1 time fee is the most cost effective solution during this very difficult and emotional time. You may be asking yourself once Massey’s provides you the bail information what determines the bail amount.  Bail in Logan, Utah, is set by the probable cause statement an officer writes to justify their arrest. A judge will review this and, with judicial discretion, set the bail accordingly. In some cases where a judge feels they do not have enough information to properly set bail, they will default to the Utah Bail Schedule. Call Massey’s Bail Bonds now for a free quote!


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Working with a local Bondsman is cost saving to both you and the Utah Bail Bond Company. Massey’s has been employing a professional Bondsman in the Cache County area for over a decade now. This allows us to guarantee our low fees, while providing you a local expert that will get you through the bonding process. A Bondsman will require an Indemnitor or what is better referred to as a “Co-Signer”. A Co-Signer is obligated financially for the bail. The purpose of the bail is to guarantee that your loved one appears to all their court dates until they have been found guilty and sentenced, not guilty, or their case is dismissed.  Once this occurs, the bond is exonerated relieving the “co-signer” of their financial obligation to the bail. Call now and let us get you the bail info in minutes!


Cache County Jail

Working with the Cache County Jail in Logan, Utah can be difficult. The jail’s position is that anything outside of the basic bail information is not considered public record. This can be time consuming when needing additional “Public record” information that helps both the jail and the Bondman. A Bondsman reduces the jails population which allows the cost to the county to remain low and keeps the jail from being over crowded. Public record information outside of the basic bail information allows the Bondsman to provide more useful information to the ones inquiring about them as well as it allows the bondsman access to determine their risk. In turn this pleases the courts with a higher appearance rate by the defendant. While this is a continuous working progress, we have a professional working relationship and great reputation at the Cache County jail which allows us to get your loved one out within 1-2 hrs. We’re Logan, Utah’s most trusted Bail Bond Company and look forward to the opportunity to serve you!


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