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In need of Bail Bond Service? When you get a call that your loved ones incarcerated in the Wasatch County Jail in Heber City, Utah. Massey’s Bail Bonds with over 12 + years of experience have come to find that each family responds to that call based on the relationship they have with the incarcerated. In addition; the number of times their loved ones been incarcerated. The first question is the same; what happened?
The jail will provide Bail Amounts, Criminal Charges, & Court information. Additional information is considered a breach of security and HIPAA laws. When you decide you want more information on the Bonding process or want a free quote call Massey’s Bail Bonds directly!

Bail Bondsman Heber City, UT

Bail Bond Service is available with Joshua Massey Working with a professional Utah Bail Bond company in Heber city will save you time. First; Less time is spent going back and forth with the bail agency to get the bond approved. Second; Less time will be wasted at the jail because the agency is unfamiliar with the jails releasing process. Third: Agent lacks experience with the bonding paperwork. Therefore; Massey’s employs a experienced bail agent who goes through a 9-week training program. In addition; The agent knows the jailers by name.

                 Massey’s Bail Bond Service is dependable, affordable, & reliable!
We look forward to hearing from you. It’s our privilege to help you get your loved one out of jail promptly; we are awaiting your call!

Bail Bond Servie – Wasatch County Jail

Bail Bond Service at Wasatch County JailThe Wasatch County jail is on the South East side of town. On the East side of Interstate 40 in Heber City, Utah. First of all; the average time your loved one will go through the releasing process and walk out is 45 minutes. Since; Massey’s knows the Inmate Count, Meal, & shift change times, you will never sit at the jail any longer than needed. So; if you decided to use Massey’s Bail Bond Service, Massey’s professional Bail Bondsman will be your point of contact. For any additional questions, call us directly.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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