Frequently Asked Questions About How Bail Bonds Work in UtahHow Bail Bonds Work

Do you have questions about how Bail Bonds Work? Massey’s explains the laws that govern the Bonding industry so you can better understand what to expect!


Q.) What is the difference between a Bail & a Bond? What is a Bail Bond?

A.)  Bail: A monetary amount set by the court to guarantee the accused will appear to every court date up to sentencing.
      Bond: A legal document to secure the bail set by the Judicial Court to ensure all court appearances up to sentencing.
      Bail Bond: A guaranteed release of the accused awaiting trial for a 10% fee of the bail.

Q.) How is the Bail amount determined?

A.) Bail is set based on a Probable Cause Statement, Utah Bail Schedule, criminal history and ties to the State of Utah.
 Q.) What is a Co-Signer?
A.) A person who signs, taking liability of the bail amount set by the judicial court, to guarantee the accused will appear to every court date up to sentencing. 
Bail                                              $50,000                           (Set by the Judicial Court) 
Bond Fee                                   $5,000  – $10,000          (Non refundable 10%-20% fee) 
Co-Signers Liability                 $50,000                           (Satisfied after all court dates are made)
Q.) What is a Reinstatement of a Bail Bond?
A.) If any of the terms & Conditions of a Bail Bond Agreement are violated a bond can be revoked, Once revoked a Bail Bond Company can reinstate the bond. Some Companies charge a fee to reinstate the Bond but Massey’s does not.
Q.) Does a Bond Expire?
A.) No. A Bond is active until the accused is found not guilty, guilty and sentenced, or the case is dismissed. 
Q.) What is an Exoneration?
A.) When the accused has appeared to all court dates and the co-signer is no longer liable for the bail, the bond is considered satisfied.

Q.) Are There Fees Charged to the Co-Signer if a Bond is Revoked?

​A.) Yes. If a Bail Bond Company is forced to put out a bounty on the accused, then an apprehension fee of 10% of the Bail, Mileage, Meals, Lodging, & Transportation fees can be charged to the Co-Signer.

Terms & Conditions of the Bond

Q.) What are the Terms & Conditions of a Bond?

Loss of a bond will be evident if:

  • (1) The co-signer or defendant provided false information on the Utah Bail Bond application.
  • (2) The Court increases the bond beyond sound underwriting criteria employed by the Bail Bond Agent or Bail Bond surety.
  • (3) The defendant changes their address, telephone number, or employer without giving reasonable notice to the Bail Bond Agent or Bail Bond Surety.
  • (4) The defendant is arrested for another crime while on bail.
  • (5) The defendant is back in jail in any jurisdiction.
  • (6) Failure by the defendant to appear in court at any appointed times.
  • (7) Finding of guilty against the defendant by a court of competent jurisdiction
  • (8) A request by the co-signer, based on reasons (1) through (8) pertain to the defendant; items (1), (3), (5), (7)  and (9), pertain to the co-signer
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​By: Joshua Massey