Tooele Criminal AttorneysTooele Criminal Attorneys

Tanner Law
250 S. Main St.
Tooele, UT 84074

Law offices of Derrick Larson
85 N. Main Ste 200
Tooele, UT 84074

Massey’s Bail Bonds have provided a list of two Tooele Criminal Attorneys that have been serving Tooele for several years. In most cases, the attorneys will offer a free consultation upon request. Reach out to one of the two law firms and request an appointment to go over your case. The attorney will request the discovery(evidence against you) before providing their strategy. If you can not afford an attorney, the courts will appoint one to your loved one at little to no cost. Your loved one means to pay will determine if the court finds them to be indigent or not. Massey’s Bail Bonds always suggest hiring private council over using a public defender.

Public defenders are employees of the State of Utah & cover a high caseload. Public defenders usually will go over your loved one’s case at court right before seeing the judge allowing just a few minutes to prepare their case or make a decision on what they should do on their situation.
Your rights must be protected not to be convicted for crimes they did not commit. Contact Massey’s Bail Bonds for Immediate Bail Information and a Free Quote!