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Being arrested can often be stressful and you may feel lost and overwhelmed in the process. When you’re looking for bail bonds in Utah, Massey’s Bail Bonds will get you the help you need! In the time you need it! Our overall goal is to help you understand the process clearly; we’re upfront with all the uncertainties, including any out of pocket costs. Surprises are good, but not when there are unaccounted for fees. With us, you will never be surprised—our rates are competitive and our fees are never hidden. You will not pay more than the minimum price the law requires. Unlike other companies, we keep our service fee low to ensure you can afford the help you deserve. This may be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make, but when you need help getting bail bonds in Utah, call Massey’s.

Bail Bonds Salina, UT

Massey’s has been in Utah for over a decade and we know the bail bond business. We are not only experienced, but also friendly and discreet. We have local bail agents located just minutes from the county jail to allow for an almost immediate release, usually within 25 minutes! With our reputation and our working relationship with the jail, the process of release becomes more seamless, fast and efficient. Having someone with over a decade of experience support you through this difficult process will help alleviate some of the stress you’re encountering. So; Provide Massey’s the opportunity to work with you and we’re confident that you’ll have your loved one home, tonight. We are available 24 hours/day to answer any question you may have. This is a difficult time for any family; but we are the professionals you can count on! Contact us and we can get to work for you.

Sevier County Jail

Once you have bought a Bail Bonds in Utah the agent will go over to the Sevier County jail to post the Bond. With our 10 years of experience working with the jail the average time it takes to get your loved one released is 45 minutes. Our professional Bondsman Tim Pont will wait for your loved one to be released then go over the Bail agreement, terms & conditions, & answer any question. The agent will offer your loved one any professional referrals needed and then provide a business card for any follow up questions or concerns. Don’t wait call Utah’s Most Trusted Bail Bonds Company NOW!

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