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Finding out that your loved one has been incarcerated in Richfield, Utah, whether your loved one is a resident of Utah or merely driving through Utah Massey’s Bail Bonds guarantee’s the best rates. Massey’s discloses the fee up front and never charges additional or hidden fees upon completion. When you contact Massey’s, immediate service is provided. You will speak directly to the owner, who will contact the Sevier County Jail to obtain the bail information(Bail Amount, Charges, Court info). This information is then sent via text or email to you for your records. Mr. Massey will then contact you directly go over the charges, explain the Bonding process, and answer any questions you have. Don’t wait another minute to get out of Jail call now to get hassle-free information!

Bail Bondsman Richfield, UT

Get Out of Jail with Bail Bondsman Mel WilliamsOnce the bond is approved(Massey’s has a 90% approval rating) Our local Bondsman will contact you to either meet you at the jail in Richfield, Utah, or to complete the application over the phone, depending on if you are a resident of Utah or not. Upon completion of the application, the agent will explain the terms and conditions of the bond. The agent will answer any question you may have to make sure you completely understand the contract; Our professional Bondsman will then head over to the correctional facility to post the bond and complete the form with your loved one. Contact Massey’s now to get started!

Sevier County Jail

The Sevier County jail is in Richfield, Utah, off Hwy 40. If your loved ones arrested in Richfield, then this is the correctional facility. The officers at the jail will complete the booking process by requiring their personal information, getting a mug shot, & taking their fingerprints. Upon completion, your loved one will have access to a phone to make contact to let whom they choose to call, know that they are in jail. Get Out of Jail; Call Massey’s Bail Bonds to have your loved one released within hours.

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