Posting a Utah Bail Bond

When posting a Utah bail bond, you must know and/or understand the following: 

Posting a Utah bail bond can require some additional help. A bond is a monetary amount set by the court to guarantee the accused will appear to every court date up to sentencing. It is put in place for the purpose of allowing anyone that’s been accused of a crime, to remain out of jail pending there trial and can resuming their normal life, while they are preparing and fighting for their case. When someone has been arrested and booked into any Utah jail, the correctional facility will hold them, as a courtesy, for the arresting agency for 72 hours; surprisingly, most cases aren’t filed immediately and the accused are just simply released after that 72 hours time frame.  Later it can then be discovered that the prosecuting agency has filed, for the same case they were previously released from, with the judicial court and a warrant for their arrest has been issued. This can be extremely frustrating knowing that the accused can and will be booked back into jail on a charge they have already been arrested and released on. If a Bond is posted while the accused was originally incarcerated then when the prosecuting agency goes to buy the bond a warrant will not be issued, instead the bond will be assigned to the case and a court date mailed to the accused. When contacting a professional, experienced Utah Bail Bond Company, like Massey’s, we work vigorously with the Utah courts to have you out on bond.  Whether it is being posted at the jail or court, this has successfully allowed Massey’s to keep 90% of their clients from having to be rebooked and for any warrants to be recalled.  Massey’s promise is our guarantee that everyone be given the right to bond, and we work tirelessly on building strong relationships with judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement. With over a decade of experience, we are Utah’s most Trusted Bail Bonds!

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