Bail Bondsman in Panguitch City, UT

Out enjoying the national parks in Garfield County, Utah? Whether you live in Panguitch, Utah or just driving through; Massey’s Bail bonds guarantees the best price! If; arrested make Massey’s Bail Bonds your first call. We provide a level of service that creates a painless and smooth bonding process. Massey’s is a customer based company. You will be provided all the Charges, Bail Amounts, Court Information, & given a direct offer within minutes of calling. We never charge for getting you all the bail information; Explaining the Bonding process; & sharing our years of experience with you. Call Utah’s Most Trusted Bail Bonds Company today!

 Bail Bondsman Garfield County, UT

Massey’s Bail Bonds takes pride in the professional Bail Bondman we hire. We’ve learned that in order to be successful in the Utah Bail Bond industry; you must have patients; understanding, & be open minded. Most of all the desire to help people! When hiring John & Wendy Chapin we shared those values with them, took the time to properly train them on the bonding process. Answering there questions, so they are completely prepared.

John & Wendy Chapin live in Panguitch, Utah. They are highly respected in their community. The best part is not only are they available to get your loved one out of jail; “they can literally see the jail out of there window in the back yard!” Call now and let our professional Bail Agents process your bond NOW!

  Garfield County Jail; Panguitch, Utah

The Garfield County Jail is located on the out skirts of Panguitch, Utah. This is a small correctional facility that holds more state contracted prisoner than county inmates. However; if you find yourself incarcerated in the Jail, Massey’s Bail Bonds is an approved licensed Bonding agency available to get you out! Our phone # is located in the lobby and booking facility. Once our Bondsman post your bond. The average release time from the jail is 30 minutes. Don’t let your loved one sit in jail a minute longer; Call Massey’s Bail Bonds NOW! 

Office Location:
54 N. Main St.
Panguitch, UT 84759