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Hire a Layton Utah Bail Bonds Company today! Massey’s understands that bad things can happen to good people. When you call, our Bail Bondsman will greet you and get you the bail information within minutes. Massey’s goes through the bonding process, answers all your questions, & provides professional resources. You can feel confident a timely release & a competitive price will be what you can expect when doing business with us. Don’t wait another minute; call Utah’s most Trusted Bail Bond Company in Layton, Utah, today to get started & rest assured you are getting professional service you can count on!

Why hire a Layton Utah Bail Bonds Agent?

Layton Utah Bail Bonds Agent Cary Breeze

Cary Breeze is Massey’s Layton Utah Bail Bonds agent. He has been working with our team for over a decade. Mr. Breeze provides compassionate, reliable service you can count on from the minute you call. Massey’s believes the best way to ensure your loved one appearance in court is to make sure all parties involved understand bonding out of jail and the responsibilities of each party to the case. When you call Massey’s, our first and foremost responsibility is to help you understand the benefits of buying a bond; we do this by explaining the process. Don’t wait another minute; call now for a hassle-free quote!

Davis County Jail, Layton City, Utah

If your loved one has the misfortune of being arrested in Layton, Utah, the arresting officer will transport them to the Davis County Jail located on the West Side of Farmington, Utah. Upon arriving at the jail, the officer will submit to the correctional officers the Probable Cause Statement. The officer’s statement(Probable Cause) will be submitted for review by an on-call Judge. Within 24 hours the judge will decide to do one of the following: (A.) Set a Bail (B.) Release the accused on their own recognizance (C.) Set a No Bail. For more information contact Massey’s – A Layton Utah Bail Bonds Company today!

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Farmington, Utah

Clearfield, Utah

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