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Are you looking for a Utah Bonding Company in Kanab? Massey’s Bail Bonds offers the best rate guarantee. We do this by having a local Bondsman, so you never pay extra fees like travel. When you hire Massey’s Bail Bonds, you are buying a bond to remain free on bail while going through the due process with the courts. Your right to be out on Bond is vital to our success, which is why we stand behind our Bond through the entire court process! For immediate Bail information, contact Utah’s Most Trusted Bail Bond Company NOW!

Work with a professional Bondsman in Kanab

Sarah Brown works for Utah Bonding Company Massey's Bail BondsSarah Brown is Massey’s Bail Agent in Kanab, Utah. Sarah continuously trains to prepare for all types of Bond scenarios. Massey’s works with Sarah every week to properly train her on the terms and conditions of the Bond; The importance of gathering the required information on the Utah Bail Bond Application to both protect the Co-Signer and Massey’s Bail Bonds. If you or your loved one finds themselves incarcerated, Trust Massey’s to go over the commitment you are taking on by bailing out. It’s essential our clients understand the bonding process so that they completely understand the risk and financial obligation. Contact Massey’s; A Utah Bonding Company who gets you threw it!

Utah Bonding Company that works directly with the Kane County Jail

The Kane County Jail is located at 971 East Kaneplex Drive, Kanab, UT 84741. The phone # to the jail is (435) 644-4914. If your loved one has had the misfortune of being arrested in Kane County, then they will be transported and incarcerated in the Kane County Jail. Contact a Utah Bonding Company that has a track record and reputation of providing immediate release at the best rate in Kanab. Please don’t wait another minute our professional Bondsman is standing by and ready to help!

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