Bailing Out of Jail in Brigham, UT


When Bailing out of Jail, it’s crucial that you hire a professional Bail Agency. A company that guarantees there rates & doesn’t charge you more based on the risk, & has a local bondsman in Brigham City, Utah. So you don’t have to pay a travel fee in addition to the premium. Massey’s Bail Bonds know the jails Bonding process and schedule, so you are never waiting around for hours at the county jail awaiting your loved one’s release. Massey’s Bail Bonds have been writing Bail in Box-Elder County for over ten years now; we disclose our rates upfront and guarantee the best price. Our average release time from the Box-Elder Co. Jail is 30 minutes. For immediate Bail, information call Massey’s Bail Bonds NOW!

Bailing out of Jail with a Professional Bondsman in Brigham City, UT

Bailing Out of Jail with Kent StephensOur Bail Agent Kent Stephens has gone through a continuous fifteen-week training course on all the laws, applications, terms & conditions, & case scenarios. This training allows Mr. Stephens to professionally and adequately conduct his job at a level that will exceed your expectations and allow for a seamless bonding process when Bailing out of Jail. Trusting in Massey’s means you are getting full disclosure of our fee, a highly qualified Bail agent, & release within 30 minutes. Don’t wait another minute. Call Massey’s Bail Bonds NOW!

Box Elder County Jail

The Box-Elder County Jail is located off I-15 on the East side of the interstate in Brigham City, Utah. Our agent is familiar with the jails schedule (count, shift change, meal times). Meaning you will be prompted to meet Massey’s Bail agent during times where the jail will process your loved one out quickly. When Bailing out of Jail, this is very beneficial to both you & you’re loved one awaiting release. Due to privacy policies, the jail cannot disclose details about your loved one’s incarceration. However, Massey’s Bail Bonds can get you the Bail Amounts, Charges, Courts information hassle-free. So call us and let Massey’s get started!

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