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Finding out your loved one is in jail is never an easy thing to find out. Massey’s Bail Bonds understands as a Utah family owned business your first instant is to rush over to the County jail to find out what happened. First, it’s essential to know that the County jail facilitates law enforcement and the courts. The jail is unaware of the situation, which caused your loved one to be arrested. Furthermore; the county jail, given privacy policies, will only be able to provide minimal information in regards to your loved one.

Massey’s is a professional, Utah Bail Bonds company that puts its clients’ needs over profits. You will be provided the Bail amounts, all Charges, & Court information within minutes of calling. Also; Massey’s will either text or email all this information for your records and any additional arresting details obtained.

Professional Bail Bonds Agent

When you decide to call Massey’s Bail Bonds, you will speak directly to the owner, Joshua Massey. Once he provides you all the arresting information, Mr. Massey will explain the Bail bond process; answer all your questions, and offer a free quote! If you decide to move forward with buying the bond, a 15-minute approval process will be conducted to determine the requirements. In most cases, a signature and a 10% fee will suffice. Once approved, Mr. Massey will have our professional Bountiful, Utah Bail Agent Scott Savage contact you. He will schedule a time to meet you at the Davis County Jail to get your loved one released!

Davis County Jail Bountiful,

The Davis County Jail is a secured facility located on the W. Side of I-15 & Legacy Highway across the street from Lagoon.  The average time for release is 25 minutes. The administrative staff is available in the jail lobby from 8 am – 5 pm Monday through Friday. Massey’s has over 10 + years of experience with the Davis County jail. Allowing us to post the bond correctly without issue to make sure your loved one is released FAST! Our Local Professional Utah Bail Bondsman Scott Savage is less than 15 minutes from the jail. Guaranteeing no additional charges and allowing Massey’s to have the best rates in town! Don’t wait another minute call Utah’s most trusted Bail Bond company NOW!

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