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If you are looking to Bailout & understanding the Bonding process. Get immediate Bail information. Speak directly with the owner with over a decade of experience, & get a guaranteed free quote – Then Massey’s Bail Bonds should be your first call. With over 10 million in Bail written, Massey’s Bail Bonds have earned the reputation of Utah’s Most Trusted. We understand that each case is different and deserves personal attention; when you call Massey’s Bail Bonds that’s precisely what you will get!
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BailOut with Mel WilliamsWhen working with a professional Bail Bondsman, it is vital you are working with an experienced agent. Understanding the Bail agreement can be confusing. Massey’s Bail Bond agent knows the terms and conditions of the Bond and will adequately explain them to you. When posting the Bond at the jail, correctly filling out the document without error allows the Jailer to accurately record the Bond and allows for a fast releasing process. Massey’s Bail Bonds prides itself on hiring local agents that have grown up in the area, knows there neighbors, & has deep roots within the community. Mel Williams has lived in Beaver, Utah all his life, & is passionate about helping people. Call now to Bailout.

Bailout of Beaver County Jail

The Beaver County jail is located just off I-15. This facility is the only County correctional facility in Beaver County and houses both County & State inmates. If your loved one is in jail & wants to Bailout; they will have access to a phone with a list of approved Utah Bail bond Companies. After a few hrs in the booking process, the inmate will be dressed out in a Jail uniform. The accused transfers to a pod called population where they await court; If your loved one has had the misfortune of being incarcerated call Massey’s Bail bonds, and we will get you the Bail information immediately, work with you on providing the most cost-effective solution to getting your loved one released today!


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