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Needing a Bail Bond Company while visiting Randolph If your loved one has been arrested an had the misfortune of being incarcerated, then your first call should be Massey’s Bail Bonds! We will immediately Post Bail and have your loved one released within an hour of calling. In Many cases, the Jail will not disclose the charges, Bail Amounts, or Court information due to privacy, although Massey’s can get this information and either text it to you or email it. Please don’t wait for another minute to contact Massey’s Bail Bonds; We guarantee an immediate release and bare minimum premium!

Randolph Bail Bond Company with an experienced Bail Bondsman

Post Bail with Sim Bell

Our Local Bail Bondsman has been working for Massey’s Bail Bonds Company for over 5 years, & is a 5th generation resident in Rich County. Mr. Bell lives within walking distance of the county jail and is extremely familiar with the jail booking and releasing process, guaranteeing an immediate speedy release! Massey’s professional Bondsman Mr. Bell will walk you through the Bonding process. Go over the terms and conditions of the bond. Answer any questions you have & provide a friendly, confidential service! Don’t allow your loved one to sit in Jail a moment longer.

Rich County Jail

The Rich County Jail’s location is 20 S Main St, Randolph, UT 84064, and phone # 435) 793-2285. For those that are in Garden City or Lake Town, you will need to take hwy 30 to hwy 16. It’s about a 40 minutes drive depending on what city. Fortunately, the county jail has a very professional staff that takes the safety and well being of the inmates very seriously; if you find yourself or your loved one booked into the Rich County Jail, contact Massey’s Bail Bond Company immediately. We don’t want to see the incarcerated person vacation spent in Jail awaiting trial to determine the disposition of there case.

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